Flawsome Boudoir

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Kayla’s Story

Let's hear from Kayla

The first time I ever got a boudoir photo shoot done was two months after I ended a relationship that really just made me feel very shitty throughout a lot of the relationship. My pictures with Flawsome Boudoir, was my second time doing a photo shoot like this

I wanted to do something that made me feel good for just simply being me. I was super nervous because it was hard to see myself as sexy and embrace the feminine side of myself. After I got my first photo shoot, I told myself that I was definitely going to continue doing boudoir photo shoots throughout my life. It has turned into a little self-love ritual for me.

Young girl posing for photoshoot

"I absolutely love my images." - Kayla

Even though I love my photos from my first photo shoot, I love my pictures with Tassay even more because I feel like it was a lot more of a comfortable experience for me. Being someone that is physically disabled, it’s difficult sometimes to do certain poses. I have limited use in my arms, my hands, and I can only bend my knees so far. Before my photo shoot, I really enjoyed having a good conversation with Tassay about how there’s going to be some poses I’m not going to be able do. I felt like she was really understanding and was willing to work with me so that way I could come out satisfied with my pictures

My first experience with my very first photo shoot wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t very great because I felt like the photographer had a really difficult time with figuring out how to instruct me on the poses I could do. There was even at one point that she said to her assistant, “get in here, I need help with this one” 

Young girl posing for photoshoot

I don’t think there was any ill intention, but it didn’t feel great and I was very grateful that Tassay didn’t say anything like that

These two pictures are my all-time favorite!❤️ it’s honestly a little hard to believe that that is me in these pictures. Sometimes I get so self-conscious about my body because I am such a small person. I have a hard time maintaining weight and there has been so many times that I have been told that I need to go out and eat a burger and there has been times that I have been called anorexic. It’s also a struggle to feel sexy when my body looks a little bit different then someone that doesn’t have a disability

Thank you Tassay for letting me spend some time in a magical fairy land and helping me celebrate my beautiful self!